Disgruntled Town Founder and Mayor of Sinister Valley, Henry Barnes was born in 1842 and died in 1908...or so we thought. 


Henry Barnes was a generous fellow in his early years, largely due to the influence of his wife and children, which he later lost in the year of 1894 due to a Cholera outbreak.  After the passing of his family, Henry fell into a deep depression and focused all of his attention on the family business; Barnes Brothers Mining Company.  Several years later it was apparent that Henry's thirst for gold had taken control of his sanity and he began to distance himself from the rest of the town.  Legend has it that he began living in his mine, paranoid that the inhabitants of the town were out to steal his gold, plotting against him at every turn.  After years of isolation, his body was discovered and buried in the summer of 1908.  

That is what is so strange; Henry can still be found wandering the streets of Sinister Valley in a rage to find the gold that once filled his mine!  


Stay tuned for Elote Man's complicated history!